I admit I have a lot of postponed writings that never get published. There have been times I became so consumed by school or work that I just gave up on my writing streak. Sometimes, I would write drafts when I’m offline, but I never end up editing and posting them. Sometimes, I find my old journals and preaching notes and I am refreshed by all the learnings because they are truly Timeless.

This blog category will contain writings that were put on hold but are finally completed, reconstructed writings based on old journal entries, and new articles based on previous preachings or small group topics.

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Character, Insights

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

I want to confess that my heart has been down—or at least, stagnant. It is unlike those days that I feel on fire for the Word, on fire to inspire and to encourage. Right now, I only feel like I’m getting by. Like I’m living on the bare minimum, just passing through the moment.

And somehow, these words resounded to me:

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

These words are from a poem by Dylan Thomas. Analysts say it’s a poem about fighting death—the physical kind, about not allowing yourself to passively wait for “that good night”, about fighting for life as much as you can.

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Character, Insights

Fear Displaces God

Fear strips away God’s lordship over our lives. Instead of God being at the throne of our hearts, fear usurps God, manifesting in our loss of faith and surge of doubt. When we allow this illegitimate sovereignty of fear to continue, fear has the power to silence our faith. To exile faith into the deepest dungeons of our mind.

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Character, Insights, Values

Why is losing your virginity such a big deal?

This article that I saw on my FB feed caught my attention because a publication entitled “Young Star” released something on virginity. Eventually, this will propagate to many young people, and the majority of them would be influenced one way or another. You can read it first so you can understand my context.

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Character, Insights, Leadership

Who is your Leader?

I thought about my decisions in the far and recent past and the factors that made me decide to push through or not. This includes both the big and small decisions that have defined my life as it is now. And I realised there were a lot of times I was pressured, instructed, or influenced by leaders around me. It could be someone superior in organisations I belonged to or even spiritual leaders at church. Many times it was my mom. It can also be friends who I considered were ahead of me in certain aspects or issues in my life, even though they weren’t my “leaders” per se.

They didn’t have to have an official title or position, but it was a matter of how I myself placed them in my life.

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Life Events, Literature

Spiritual Shipwreck

I feel like a wreckage, irreparable
Just floating in the oceans
My parts continue to float away
Further and further apart
My soul settles into the depths
And the salt waters consume me
Devouring my thoughts and wishes

I become slave to the waves
Without a solid rock to hold on to
I am but a distant memory
Without feelings, without reality
I will never reach the shore
That I wanted to dock onto
I can feel my purpose shifting
My thoughts are giving up

But I remember the Great Sailor
Who built me for great journeys
I remember the coordinates
My path before the storm surged
The destination before my implosion
My beginning, the birth and rebirth
Then something suddenly snaps

Underneath me the waters move
My planks and sails return to me
I am being rebuilt out of nothing
And then lastly, the rudder
It fastens to me smoothly
And my deepest thoughts are filled
With a new direction

And from afar I see my Sailor
My Guide who directs me
And in my heart I knew
That my recklessness has not stopped Him
From bringing me to where He planned to
We weren’t bound to just any island
We are headed to a great Pangaea